Apu Biswas Move Out the Big Bugged Film

Apu Biswas is the favorite heroine in Bangladesh. A few days ago she announced maybe I would come back again via new film. The film name was Kangal. Recently she decided to move out a film. This is because of her individual reason. Now director changes the film name as well as film heroine. Director said, Apu Biswas, told me she has some personal problem, and she is not able to participate as a heroine. However, my production has been decided by another popular actress in Bangladesh. Now, Mahi, is top popular actress Bangladesh. May be onlooker will accept. Director says that time we thought Kangal is the best name of the film but now we decided to change the film name. I personal believe the name is not a factor. The main factor a nice heart touching story which onlooker will accept. Now I surpass a crucial time for the script. Our production decides Mahi as a heroine as well as D.N Taheb who will participate a villain role. Hopefully, the public will like the film.

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