Bangladeshi Actress Model Bipasha Pia Katus Kutus Movie

Going to be built in short movie Katus Kutus. This time, the reality of young people with love and its key role in the film is going to be built in the popular model and actress Bipasha Pia. It is being directed by Subhasish Roy. Manoj peer acting as the film cast members. February 25 at a press conference on the occasion of the Reporters' Unity has been conducted. Advertising, drama and film at the time, big-budget short film Pia Bipasha going to do. Botanical Garden of the capital from February 26 will begin this shooting. Other side Pia Bipasha acting movie Rudra The Lover will realease soon. This movie other actor AB M Sumon. The film was directed by Sayem Jafar Imani.

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