Actress Model Pina Film Spot

Phatosundari Pina movie stars and entertainment entertainments. Bajalura Rashed Chowdhury's 'Juliet' sinemapremi through the audience waiting to greet the new heroine calling. Love the image of his hero's life. The film is currently in Dabim. In the first two films Actress Pina been signed. In the heart of the film, not just a different name. The entertainment entertainments Phatosundari one of the top ten movies with Pina ummula Khair also worked as a model before. He has acted in several drama special days. It is the only film to Naogaon pinara. I want to be a film industry. Seasonal favorite star, sabanurera minds of the viewers want. The Dance, Fight and performance are prepared me by learning different techniques. I dream of my film. I have a lot of work to do in the film. I appreciate the opportunity to provide the director with Bajalura Rashed Chowdhury. I've been working according to his instructions. Faith, I love when the audience chabitei.

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