Prova Bangladeshi Model Television Drama Work

Bangladeshi model Prova surpasses her dark time. Now she is happy her real life. Recently she has completed her bachelor degree in fashion deign. Now she also admitted Master of Business in Santa Miriam University. After few days ago she was disappointed her life but she has come back her life. However, she has celebrated their marriage day and the place was Cox's bazaar, Sentmartin, and Cheradip. Her husband Shanto planed the entire program. Bangladeshi actress Prova says all the day was full of joy and happy. My husband is a sense of good man. Now Prova is busy her education and family. My further plan is arrange a fashion show. But don't worry acting is my first love. Acting has mixed my blood. When I get fabulous character definitely I will perform the character. Prova says I with stand many problem in my life but now I will be emphasizing my life.

Prova Bangladeshi Model

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