Bangladeshi Model and Actress Ambrin

Bangladeshi actress Ambrin becomes a most recent actress modeling as well as performer. Besides she is a student of fashion designer. Now Ambrin is very busy for three sections. Moreover Bd actress Ambrin becomes Lux channel I super star. She was started her career 2007. Ambrin is a laborious worker. This is because she loves her career as well as profession. She wants to reach her apex. Bangladeshi model Ambrin has performed many advertisements such as bangle link timer, France fry, Banglalink Desh five. She says Banglalink Desh five changes her life. Many spectators praise her Desh five advertisement. Moreover, Bd model Ambrin has performed various drama and serial for example Cholo beya kori, Full mia, Chobis ghonta, Arisho etc. She says I feel there are many variations in my life. Especially I am weak for presentation. Recently she decides she will open a Buttik shop.

Bangladeshi Model Ambrin

Bangladeshi Actress Ambrin

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