Bangladeshi Actress Model Jona

Jona loves acting. Bangladesh actress Jonas is not only good actress but also brilliant student. From childhood Bd actress Jona loves acting and movie. Always time Bangladeshi model Jona is trying to be a good actress. In present Jona live in the USA. Her husband is a business man. Joan has a six month daughter. Her name is Jenasa. Bd model Jona had first debut in Redoyer Bashi cinema. Some times she has performed television drama. On the other hand she has completed two advertisements. Then Jona has completed Dakter Bari, Bear Lagon, Bajou Bear Bajna etc. Her last cinema was Mon Shudu Mon Shouce. Now Jona is busy her new daughter and family member. Recently she has agreement two dramas. Jona says always choose good character. I live with my work.

Bangladeshi Actress Jona

Bangladeshi Model Jona

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