Bangladeshi Singer Hridoy Khan and Model Sujana Marriage Rumor

Popular Bangladeshi music singer Hridoy Khan and model girl Sujana is person of different sector. Hridoy Khan is a singer as well as main vocal of his group. Another side Sujana is a model and actress in television media. Different between Sujana and Hridoy Khan Age are 5-6 years. Different word different age is not fact mind is true saying both people. Relation is fundamental thing of a person. Eight moths ago Hridoy Khan searched a model girl for his new album song 'Soua'. When Hridoy Khan selects model Sujana that time model Sujana felt nervous because she does not listen Hridoy Khan Music. However she agrees Hridoy Khan Proposal. Firstly Hridoy Khan was understood what is song and role of Sujana. Hridoy Khan says firstly Sujana is my friend then brown to relationship. Bangladeshi Singer Hridoy Khan Marriage talk will be told to all when relation is final. Other side Personality of Hridoy Khan attractive and they feels each other says actress model Sujana. Bangladeshi actress model Sujana marriage news will give to all after final relation confirm. We are not feeling our age, all time we have got felt our mind says Sujana. Hridoy Khan is a sense of good man in conclusion Sujana says we love and fell.

Bangladeshi Singer Hridoy Khan and Model Sujana

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