Akhi Alamgir - Bangladeshi Singer and Model Akhi Alamgir

Akhi Alamgir is a popular singer and model in Bangladesh. When she eight or ten years old she got National award. Her father is Alamgir. He was a popular cinema actor in Bangladesh. Actually Bangladeshi singer Akhi Alamgir is singer but recently she become connected TV advertise model. Bd singer Akhi Alamgir says I got many offer from drama, cinema, model and so on. But always love music because music is my heart and soul. Always time I prefer good works for the reason that good work praise by people. Recently I offer a TV model advertisement. The name of advertisement is Tibbet toothpaste. Bangle Singer Akhi Alamgir says I like the script, so I agree the advertisement of the product. The advertise director by Andan Al Rajib. This model shooting has been many locations in Dhaka city. Akhi Alamgir enjoys the shooting because shooting day was her birthday. She also says I will publish new video music soon. It will be big value in media. I hope the music video will good because this music video has been acting popular Bangladeshi actor Ferdous.

Bangladeshi Singer and Model Akhi Alamgir

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