Bangladeshi Actress Scandal

Recently Bangladeshi actress scandal publishes day by day. This is very bad news for Bangladeshi media sector. Bd actress scandal is not only harmful for Bangladeshi media but also it is bad effect in Bangladeshi people family.

Bangladeshi actress Prova scandal: Prova is popular television model actress in Bangladesh. She performs various TV dramas. But some days ago published Bangladeshi actress Prova scandal bad video clip. This video clip was Prova and her boy friend. Prova says I am victim this situation. Prova video is now in internet. This scandal video clip damage Prova media career.

Bangladeshi actress Shokh scandal: Some days before Bangladeshi actress Shokh scandal video release in internet. Some people says it is may be Shokh or may not. Other says it is false video clip. Many internet on looker that scandal video it is hot news in the media. But in this moment Shokh says that video clip is full of fake.

Actress Prova

Actress Shokh

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