Shabnur School - Bangladeshi Actress Shabnur School Opening Soon

Bangladeshi actress Shabnur and her younger sister Jumor husband as well as Jumor will be establishing Sydney International Community School is an educational institution in the Gulshan Baridharaya has been raised 3rd December, the school will be inaugurated. Bd actress Shabnur said brought about the development of the already completed. For this reason Shabnur stay Australia long time. Many people various comment for stay her Australia. But she told the when time came I shall give answer all question. A long silence, Bangla actress Shabnur says this school education system like as Australia education system and some teachers will be Australian teacher. For this season Jumor husband stay on Dhaka. But Shabnur sister can not come here. Because of she has a small child. Actress Shabnur said she will be a partner of the school. Shabnur mother come hajj from 21 November 2011.

Bangladeshi Actress Shabnur

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