Bangladeshi Model Bindu

Bangladeshi model Bindu win Lux channel I super star in the year of 2006. She was first runner up. Bd model Bindu is a successfully model and actress both small and big screen media. Her full name is Afsana Ara Bindu. Model Bindu after Lux channel I super star she enter Bangladesh cinema industry. Then she move in TV media. She also studies beside model and acting. Next February she can enter jobs. Recently she is acting Nilaboty TV drama. Her character name is Nilaboti. It is telecast in ATN TV channel. Moreover recently running her another drama Johor ali johori. Furthermore Bd model Bindu acting movie is already release. She is very hopeful for her movie acting. Bindu notable TV drama acting is Nilaboti, Dupchya, Patigonit, Akta paki, Guide etc. She is also acting movie Ai to pream, Jago, Pritier dukaduri etc. Bindu first identity is she is a model but Bindu say that she like to acting cinema. Recently she is talking a UK company for her modeling. Bd model Bindu first movie is Daru chinni deep. Bindu is acting with Shabnur, Razzak, Diggi etc. Jago is her business success movie. Jogo movie make upon a football game theme. She is studying in Jahingir Nagar University in IBA section. Bangladeshi model Bindu marriage talks running. Her family and friend are busy for her marriage. Bindu is total complete three movies. She is very serious for modeling and acting. Model Bindu height is tall.

Bangladeshi Model Bindu

Bd Model Bindu

Bangladeshi Model Bindu Photo

Bd Model Bindu Photo

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