Pakistani Model Haya

Pakistani model Haya is a fashion model. Haya has skill of commercials and product modeling. Fashion Model Haya height is tall. When Haya performs model show she looks very elegant. Many audience follow Haya fashion style. Haya has long legs and silky hair. Clothing style of model Haya is special than other model. Model Haya also present TV dramas and Fashion shoot. Besides Pakistani model Haya covers pages of various Fashion magazines. Haya perform some music videos, advertisements and a many more. Pakistani model Haya is one the cute and talented model in Pakistan. Haya is top class craze models of Pakistani Fashion trade. Haya starts her key career in modeling. Haya loves modeling. Haya wants to be a famous celebrity. Haya is trying to involve in international model contest frequently. Pakistani model Haya high quality picture is given below.

Pakistani Model Haya

Pakistani Model Haya face

Pakistani Model Haya picture

Pakistani Model Haya in saree wear

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