Persian Model Sarah Shahi

Persian model Sarah Shahi was born 10th January in the year of 1980. She is an American model of Iranian and Spanish stumble. Sarah Shahi is no ninety on Maxim magazine hundred of 2005. She moves no sixty six in the year of 2006. Sarah Shahi can talk English language, Persian language and some Spanish language. After her parents divorced she stays with her mother. Sarah Shahi loves her mother. She married to an actor name Steve Howey. Sarah Shahi meet when she visitor on Reba. Both were affianced June in the year of 2007 although tour in Hawaii. Sarah Shahi married on 6th February in the year of 2009 in Las Vegas. Their first child was born in the year 2009. Sarah Shahi has a brother and a sister. Currently Sarah Shahi lives in Los Angeles, USA. Below Persian model Sarah Shahi high quality picture.

Sarah Shahi

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