Bangladeshi Model Mim

Bangladeshi model Mim wins Lux Channel I Super Star 2007. Bd model Mim full name is Bidna Sinha Mim. She is now raising her acting show. Beautiful face, silver eye and silky hair girl Bangladeshi model Mim. Her very strong acting performance beside her child related behavior every body like. Mim first acting was "Amar Asiea Jool". Besides her also perform with Bangladesh heart throb film actor Sakib Khan. Recently Mim sign with a new film. I want to be performing more movie say Mim. Furthermore Bd actress Mim is very choosing about her movie script. She can refuse movie agreement any time if she does not like script. Mim is very busy for acting drama. Besides she works with TV advertisement. Mim is currently studying in Jahangir Nagar University. She very much loves gossip with friend. Mim also like browse facebook after complete her study and acting. She has lot of fan in facebook. She is like gentle dress up. Her favorite food is old Dhaka Briyani and Bakhir Khani. Bd model Mim break time she likes to sleep. Mim say she sleep with her small sister in a same bed. But in the sleeping time she likes to quarrel with her sister. Window open and close is the main reason for quarrel with her small sister. In addition Mim also quarrel with her small sister for up and down air cooler temperature. When her quarrels become more and more then her father solve the problem. Mim is very crazy girl but she is very serious for her acting. When Mim win Lux channel I super star Mim was very happy for the champion. She is also heroine of famous Bangladeshi director Humayan Ahmend. Amar Asiea Jool when Mim is acting with his film that film was Bangladeshi famous actor and actress character such as Jahid Hassain, Sawon and Fardous. After perform that movie Mim was very popular in film sector of Bangladesh. Mim Bangladeshi model is performing lot of drama and TV advertisements. After release movie Amar Praner Priya Mim is very popular celebrity of Bangladeshi film. Recently Mim is agreement with new film Amar Moon Bole Tumi Asbe director by Debases Biswas. This film song is recording start soon. This film hero is Emon. Mim say this film story is very interesting so I agree perform with the film. This film can be increasing my acting career. Presently Mim bd model contract Lip gel TV advertisement. This TV advertises is a beauty product. Mim is acting drama Bonolota Sen. This Bonolota Sen is famous for Jebanondo Das. Mim say this drama has my character Bonolota Sen. I read Bonolota Sen many time Bonolota Sen role is my dream. Really I am happy for this kind of drama. Mim acting another film name is Mar Chakka Director by Fardous Hassain. Mim perform valentine day TV drama. Mim say she want to be a popular actress in Bangladeshi film industry. She is shooting one or two film in each year. She also wants to be regular model in Bangladesh. Mim say she wants to be acting and modeling before death. She loves acting for her audience. Bangladeshi Model Mim photos given below:

Mim Bangladeshi Model

Bangladeshi Model Mim

Bangladeshi Model Mim in a garden

Bangladeshi Model Mim in Saree

Bangladeshi Model Mim Photo

Bangladeshi Model Mim Interview

Question: Lux channel I superstar day your felling?
Mim Answer: That day was memorable day of my life champion result time I was very much pressure after that I shall be try to be normal.

Question: What about your movie acting?
Mim Answer: After movie shoot Praner Priya then I can not agreement with any new movie. Last week I went Bangkok for bangle film award celebration. I got Protisrutisil award.

Question: What about your study?
Mim Answer: I am studying drama and drama related subject in Jahangir Nagar University. Study has no pressure so I can continue my acting well.

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