Prova Bangladeshi Model

Nowadays Prova is very popular model in Bangladesh. She is performing lot of drama. Prova Bangladeshi model as well as popular superstar too. Prova is most well known model in Bangladesh. Her acting career is famous as well as she has work lot of big TV drama serial and short one episode TV drama. Bangladeshi model Prova is young beautiful celebrity in Bangladeshi media zone. Her significant TV drama was Dhup chaaya, Lucky Thirteen, Eit Khater Khacha, Version Z, SMS, Jato Dhura Jai, Khunsuti, Honeymoon, Naam Rumali etc.

Bangladeshi Prova full name is Sadia Jahan Prova. She is only twenty four years old model girl in Bangladesh. She was started her modeling career from 2006. She is acting not much drama but her selection drama more popular. Bd model Prova started acting and modeling career from higher secondary school examination. She most time busy with her study. Prova says that she can not give more time for modeling. She has no academic education qualification for acting and modeling. So firstly her acting and modeling was not so good quality. However suddenly I am very serious about acting and modeling. When I am serious acting and modeling my life is fully change. Now I am very hard worker for modeling. Recently she is performing a lot of drama. Moreover people accept Prova's all performing drama. Most of the popular drama was special Eid day TV programmed.

Bangla model Prova says when I get primary offer for drama form director I can not justify acting role and acting story. Really I want to be a serious actress from my heart. Some time I fell very unhappy when I can not work for modeling because of my study. After complete my study I shall be very serious about my acting and modeling profession. Now I am study in fashion design in bachelor level education. Already some people offer me for official job but I can not interest in job. Because of my dream is modeling and acting. I want to be a standard modeling in Bangladeshi modeling sector both film and TV industry.

Prova Engagement

Bd actress Prova make a decision for marriage. 16th April was her possible engagement date. This engagement shall be start on a luxury hotel in Dhaka. Her upcoming husband name is Rajib Hossain. He is a business man. Beside he studies MBA. Prova says our love relation is 8 years. But our marriage will be deciding our family. Marriage date will be also final from our both family.

Prova Marriage

Lastly, Prova settle on marriage with Apurbo. Prova engagement was with Rajib Hossain. But Prova settle marriage other person name Apurbo. Prova is runaway to marriage. Bangladeshi actress Prova marriage location was Gazipur. A pond side sitting Apurbo and Prova both neck has red rose flower wreath. Without parents present Prova and Apurbo settle marriage. After marriage Prova and Apurbo said our mind is not well because my parents are not present here. Prova and Apurbo marriage day was Wednesday. Apurbo said we are marriage from our friend house. Marriage day Apurbo dress was black paints and t-shirt and Prova dress was red color Jamdani saree. After marriage Prova and Apurbo honeymoon tour was out side Dhaka, Bangladesh. On the other side 16th April was engagement Prova and Rajib. But Prova said about this matter Rajib is my best friend and our friendship will live long. Apurbo said we decide our marriage decision after drama shooting night. Prova and Apurbo are performing many dramas. Prova and Apurbo make relation deeply when they worked on a drama making by famous drama maker Chonicha Chowdhary. What are the feeling after marriage Apurbo answer for the question I am feeling some afraid because of my new experience. But I am happy. Why you like Prova? Apurbo said Prova is very smart and beautiful girl.

Prova previous boy friend Rajib

When listing Prova marriage with Apurbo. Rajib is very mentally upset. Rajib said my parent love very much to Prova, specially my father. But now all relationship was finished with Prova. Prova marriage without inform me. Question where is Rajib? Some source said Rajib is now India. Moreover, when Prova and Rajib was love relation Prova request to Rajib after marriage Prova and Rajib will be go to Switzerland for honeymoon. For this reason Rajib collect money for the tour. After marriage with Apurbo may be Rajib can settle abroad. Rajib said Prova betray with me. Rajib gave a car to Prova as a gift. Rajib can not believe how Prova marriage to Apurbo without informs me. After marriage Prova call to Rajib for prayer her new marriage life. Rajib love Prova heart and soul.

Prova and Rajib video

Recently all people are surprise after watching Prova Rajib video clip. This video is bad video clip. Some people are very unhappy after watching Prova Rajib video clip. People can not believe Bd model Prova video affair. Many people say Rajib is the creator of this video clip and he publishes this video clip in internet for revenge. One minute and 27 second s and 40 seconds two video clips watching many people both Bangladesh and abroad. Some people say if Prova marriage with Rajib so Rajib can not publish this bad video. Some parents say about video clip this is very bad video clip for young generation and we must alert about our children. Many news papers publish news about Prova Rajib video clip. Some people reflect Prova present husband Apurbo can not accept this Prova Rajib video clip. Prova can not comment anything about this video clip.

Prova Apurbo relation broken

Probha Bangladeshi model and Apurbo marriage relation is broken down. Now both they are not stay together. They start live separately. Prova's father come Apurbo house and he take his daughter Prova. Now Prova live in Shyamoli, Dhaka house with her parents. From a friend source say every day Prova and Apurbo fight each other. Every time Apurbo stay out side home. On the other hand Apurbo said to Prova not go outside from home. After marriage Apurbo Prova marriage relation was excellent. But after publish Prova Rajib video clip their marriage life start serious broken. After watching Rajib Prova video clip my marriage decision was wrong say Apurbo. They sleep separately at present time they are live in separate float. Every day Apurbo did bad behavior with Prova. For this reason call his father and take with him. Prova can go London to her aunt house. May be she can stay parentally in London. Recently Prova and Apurbo divorce February 2011. Now Prova's father worries for Prova.

Bangladeshi Prova talking

Every body wants to know about Bangladeshi models Prova real talk. What is the strange of Prova real life? Prova say her talk below:

She has no wish to divorce. Prova Bd model tries to save her family. Her family has not divorced background. Prova says her ex- husband Apurbo is a nice actor in real life. Apurbo all talk is not correct. Prova ex -boy friend Rajib capture this bad video by a trap. Apurbo bite Prova after marriage. But I cook for Apurbo. I want to be happy with my domestic life. But Apurbo dislike me. Every body know Apurbo head is warm I know also. Apurbo has some mental problem. I never like Apurbo say Prova. But Apurbo know how manage a girl weak position. He cares me very much and I love him after care me. Apurbo has lot of girl friends. Apurbo character is not good. After divorce I am unhappy and I think Apurbo also unhappy too. Say Prova. Apurbo does not give any "Denmohor" money to me. Apurbo said I shall give Denmohor money from lawyer house. I am not bad girl that after divorce I shall take money after devoice. Bangladeshi Prova says her life damage by Rajib and Apurbo. Prova is crying. Apurbo and Rajib do not know how much damage my life. Probha Bangladeshi model now stay alone in her room. Prova says how can I live l don't know if I died it will be good for me. I can not see our family. Prova now realize her mistake. Prova now realize what was the position of Bangladesh modeling sector. Some director to call me for acting for good performance that time I feel my grief. Prova say I do not know when I start acting modeling. First I want to finish my study. Prova is now repentant.

Bangladeshi Model Prova Real Life Photo

Bangladeshi model Prova short interview

Question: How spend your Eid time?

Prova Bangladeshi model Answer: Very excellent, this Eid time I went Soriyetpur village. My grand father home was situated near bank of the river. River on the other side my grand mother home. We are unity all sister and brother. We enjoy very much. We are gossip long night. In the morning I ate meat and pitha.

Question: How many people come to see you?

Prova Answer: In the morning when I get up from sleep, I see many people come to see to see me. I talk to them. People asked me many question and I answer all. I am very happy to see their simple village life.

Question: How enjoy Eid TV Programme?

Bd model Prova Answer: Very well, every night I watch TV drama. I watch myself acting and all other people acting. I enjoy Eid TV programme.

Question: How chose other people acting?

Prova Answer: I like Mahafuz Ahmed acting very much. Beside Bindu and Nowshin acting well.

Question: Tell me about Doop Chaa Drama

Prova Answer: This drama my marriage has complex situation. This marriage situation solve by our drama director. My director can be telling well about this drama Doop chaa.

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