Wonder Herbs

Herbs provide vitamins and minerals in their natural form and emanate a lovely fragrance. Herbs like rose hip, mint, parsley, thyme, sage, rosemary and bay grow well in your garden or window box. Herbs maybe dried and infused when required.
Here are some very important herbs that are used for beauty treatments:
Chamomile (‘Anthe - mis nob ilis) the name is derived from the Greek word ‘Kamai’, which means on the ground and ‘Mellon’, which means “apple”. Traditionally, chamomile was used as a sleep inducer. This tea can be used as • wash for sour or weak eyes. As a gargle its leaves and flowers can be used as • a hair rinse.
• Bath additive. Mint a green flavoring herb which is an excellent substitute for coffee.
The oil of pepper mint is used for tooth ache. A mint herb bath has a strengthening effect on nerves and muscles. Rose Hip - Hips are the fruit of the rose or rather what is left over after the flowers have bloomed. It contains vitamin C. It is used on skin blemishes.
Strawberry or Fragaria Vesca -strawberries contain high content of iron and is a good blood purifier. A gargle of this tea is excellent for sore mouth. It is used as • a mild astringent. • tooth cleanser. Making Herbal Concoctions: Deco action: Seeds, barks, roots and other hard materials are prepared by decocting 1 ounce of herb to 3 cups of cold
water. Method: Simmer for 1/2 an hour. Steep for 15 minutes in glass or porcelain.
Infusion: Leaves, flowers, roots are prepared by infusing. I tea spoon per cup or 1 ounce per pint. Method: Pour boiling water over herbs. Simmer for 15 minutes.
Oil: Oils are extracted from herbs by the following method. 2 teaspoon powdered herbs
1 cup of oil. Method: Place under hot sun every day after combining together. You may also heat it daily in hot water. Shake well daily. After three weeks, strain and use.
Slav or ointment: You require 4 parts of Vaseline and I part of herb. Stir together and heat for 20 minutes. Cool slightly, strain.

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