Vegetable and fruit based cleansing masks

• Extract the juice of potato and add Fuller’s Earth to make a thick paste. Apply on face and rinse off.
• Cucumber juice combined with Fuller’s Earth also helps to cleanse deep down dirt and grime from your skin.
• Boiled and mashed turnips combined with a little yoghurt also cleanse the skin.
• Mashed strawberries have excellent cleansing properties. Ripe, mashed papaya leaves skin clean, smooth and shining. Other natural cleansers include aloe, lemon and ginseng.

Complexion scrub

A complexion scrub works wonders and leaves your skin with a healthy, shining glow. Complexion scrub is an effective means of removing the dead cells from the surface of the skin. The slightly, abrasive tiny grains present in a scrub, stimulates and gently sloughs away dead and flaky skin. A fresh, smooth look is left behind. A complexion scrub must be used once a week to loosen ingrained impurities from the pores. For dry skin types, a scrub once a month, will suffice. Scrubs are an excellent product for oily skin.

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