It has been rightly remarked that “sun can be woman’s best friend or her worst enemy”. Sun in moderation, lights up your beauty and excess exposure to sun gives your skin the look of old leather. Sunlight is excellent for you as it is nature’s source of vitamin D. Strong sunlight over prolonged periods are best avoided as it leads to sunburn. Your skin produces melanin which acts as an in-built barrier against ultra violet rays. Over exposure to sun, cause the UV rays to actually burn up surface skin and penetrate deep into lower cells causing sunburn and other ageing problems like lines and wrinkles. Sunburn is a condition that is better prevented than treated. Sunburn can be a painful affair literally! Despite your intentions, if you are a victim of sunburn, pamper your skin with a) application of vitamin D ointment. b) use peanut oil, olive oil or lanolin. c) Mineral oil can also be used.

Healing properties from your kitchen shelf

• Drink plenty of lemon juice before venturing outdoors.
• Grate and squeeze cucumber. Spread the seeds and juice over the burn.
• Take three small tomatoes and mash well. Add a cup of butter milk. Mix well and apply on skin. Allow to dry for one hour at least. This will help to reduce pain and take heat out of skin.
• Cold water compresses together with an additional intake of vitamin A, C and E are recommended for the treatment of sunburn.
d) Anti-sunburn lotion Ingredients: 1 lemon, egg white. Method: Add juice of lemon to the white of egg. Whisk briskly, transfer contents to a pan and simmer on low fire till it thickens. Cool it. Apply to sunburn and do not wash off.
• Boil lettuce leaves in a cup of boiling water to get a strong infusion which may be applied on sunburn skin.
• Use whey on your sunburn.
• Yoghurt together with little honey helps to cool and promote healing in sunburn skin.
• Combine together a teaspoon of lemon juice with 7-S drops of milk and gently massage on to skin. Let it soak in before rinsing off with soap and water.

Sun tan cream

a) Ingredients: 2 ounces of lanolin
1 ounce of glycerin
1 ounce of hydrogen peroxide
“2 ounce of almond oil.
Method: Melt lanolin by using the double boiling method. While still hot, whisk oil and glycerin. Cool completely and add the hydrogen peroxide.

b) Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of butter milk.
Method: Saturate cotton wool with butter milk and apply. This is a good remedy to remove suntan.

c) Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 8 drops of rose water Method: Mix both ingredients, apply and leave on for five to six hours.

d) Ingredients:
6 tablespoons of olive oil
6 tablespoons of vinegar
Method: Combine and apply at least two hours before your bath.

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