Natural Skin Care

Your basic skin care products consists of cleansers, fresheners or astringents, face masks, face packs, toners moisturizers and night creams. You have a choice between chemical based skin care products and off the kitchen shelf products. The latter are low cost and are natural remedies which produce excellent results. Natural remedies should be given two weeks of regular application before you question its credibility.

Skin care regime

Essential for possessing a flawless complexion, cleansing is the most important skin care activity. Thorough and regular cleansing stimulates the skin and helps to slough off dead cells that lie on the skins surface. Dr. David Cannell - Corporate V.P. of Technology (REDKEN) places much emphasis on cleansing. According to Dr. Cannell ‘it has to increase the cell turnover by exfoliating dead cells, cleanse away excess oil without dehydrating the skin and eliminate accumulated debris and pollutants.

Morning skin care routine

Cleansers are formulated to remove surface grime and dirt as well as dissolve stale make-up from the skin. Cleanse your face thoroughly using a creamy cleanser or cleansing milk. Saturate your cosmetic sponge or a damp cotton wool with a blob of cleanser. Rub in gently using small circular movements to clean up surface grime from facial skin and throat. Cleansing should continue until there are no traces of dirt on your sponge or cotton wool.

Europe’s most respected beautician Evelom strongly believes in using a muslin cloth soaked in hot water to remove cleansers. The final cleansing is done with a muslin cloth dipped in icy cold water to seal open pores and improve the overall skin condition. Follow up your cleansing with a mild complexion bar and water. After rinsing well, pat your face with upward and outward strokes. Blot dry, use a toner to stimulate circulation and remove any traces of leftover dirt, if any. You may now apply a film of moisturizer all over face and neck.

Night cleansing regime

Give your skin a chance to breath. Cleanse the face and neck using a cleanser to remove stale make-up, dust, dirt and grease which has accumulated on the skin during the day. A gentle massage will help to float out deep down make-up and other impurities. Cleansing must continue until the damp cotton wool comes out clean. Cleanse your neck and remember eye make up too has to be removed very gently, using a specially formulated eye make-up remover. Be gentle while wiping clean the area surrounding the eyes and the mouth. Take care not to stretch, as lines can appear around them. Rinse off with cold water to close pores and for that tingling fresh feeling. Tone your face with a freshener. Cold mineral water is an excellent skin freshener. Apply moisturizing cream or a rich night cream. Lightly massage onto the skin using circular up and outward movements.

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