Natural Beauty Products

Alfalfa - helps to promote hair growth.
Aloe Vera - this fleshy leaved plant has a cooling effect on skin. Especially beneficial to hair and skin, it may be combined to form shampoos, creams and hair oils.
Almond - belongs to the ‘nut’ family. It has high nutritious value. Promotes healthy teeth, bones and skin. It is an excellent skin cleanser, softener and nourished. Widely used in facial scrubs and face masks.
Almond oil - a rich oil with softening and nourishing properties
Alum - a soleplate of potash and alumina. Used as a steep tic.
Amla or Phylanthus Emblica - helps hair growth, prevent premature graying and controls dandruff. Have excellent ‘darkening’ properties.
Apple - a lovely, juicy fruit. It caritas vitamin A, C, potassium and pectin, improves texture of the skin and can be made into cider or vinegar.
Apricot golden, peachy looking fruit with high nutritional value. Can he eaten fresh or dried. Used in peel off facial mask.
Avocados - high nutrition content; rich in vitamins, minerals, and oil. The greenish yellow pulp may he eaten. It is also used in face masks.
Bahy oil - a very mild oil with high utility value. May be

used as bath oil. Softens and whitens dark, rough knees and yellows.
Banana - herbaceous plant edible with nutritious value. Can be used in face masks. Barley - the grain of barley i.e., pearl barley is rich in iron and phosphorous. Widely used to soothe and cool the body system. Also used in face masks and as a beauty drink, Basil - ‘Tulasi’ is an aromatic culinary plant with medicinal properties. Beer - made from fermented malt barley, sugar, hops, yeast and water. Can be used to ‘set’ hair. Beeswax - used in the preparation of face cream. Bengal gram flour - has smoothening properties. Used widely in face packs and complexion scrubs. Benzoin - ‘gum’ from Eastern tree used in medicine and perfumery. When heated it yields benzoic acid. Benzoic Acid - used as preservative in the preparation of cosmetic creams. Bi carbonate of soda - used to whiten teeth. Black berry - ‘the bramble’. A scrub with fruits. Borax - a softener for hard water and an antiseptic. Botanic Acid - acts as an antiseptic and checks excessive perspiration. Boric is the shortened form of the word Botanic. Bran - the ‘husk’ of wheat and other grains: It has been separated in milling from the flour. Helps to build up strong muscles and healthy skin. May be used in face masks for its nourishing cleansing and boosting properties. Brewer’s yeast - rich in vitamin B and protein. It is used in cleansing masks.

Butter milk -‘the residue’ after butter has been churned from cream.
Cabbage - a garden vegetable from the “Brassica Family”. It is rich in minerals and vitamins. Nourishes the skin and used as a face wash. Calamine - has a soothing effect on skin rashes and blemishes. Heals effectively. Calendula - has wide skin rejuvenating properties. Clears spotty, blemished or pimpled skin. Chamomile - an aromatic plant. The flowers are used to prepare basic infusion. Has soothing and cleansing properties. Used as face wash. Camphor BP - whitish substance with a high aromatic smell. It is an excellent antiseptic. Carrot - has rich sources of vitamin A. Makes an excellent cool and nourishing beauty drink. Combats night blindness, improves eyesight, soothes sensitive skin types and used in creams and face masks. Castor oil - unsaturated oil extracted from the seeds. It used to relieve eye strain and tiredness in eyes. Also has rejuvenating properties. Scanty eyebrows can be helped with the application of castor oil.
Celery - highly nutritious, it is rich in vitamin A,B,C and minerals. Highly conducive to sleep. Cinnamon - inner bark of the ‘laurel’ tree of Ceylon. Oil extract is used for massages, soothes sun burnt skin. Cloves - is the flower bud of the clove tree. It yields oil that relieves tooth aches, freshens breath and soothes erupted skin. Have antiseptic and freshening properties. Cocoa Butter - the butter extracted from roasted cocoa seeds.
Comfrey - a plant of the ‘borage family’. It is identified by
the pinkish blue clustered flowers. Moistens dehydrated skin. Cucumber - an edible vegetable from the ‘gourd family’. It has cooling, toning, whitening and astringent properties. Cools and relieves eye strain, fired eyes. Use in face masks. Dandelion - a plant with large yellow flowers with tooth edged leaves - It is used to combat acne, blemishes and pimples. Eggs can be utilized for skin and hair. It has tightening,
conditioning, nourishing and cleansing effects. Used in masks and hair conditioners.
Eider flowers - are used to combat crow’s feet. Basic infusion forms a skin tonic for face. Has refreshing and soothing effects. Emulsifying wax - a stabilizer in creams.
Fennel - a perennial umbelliferous plant with yellow flowers. Has deep pore cleansing properties. Used as a reducing agent while slimming. Fuller’s Earth - a versatile clay used to cleanse and absorb excess grease from surface of skin. Widely used in face masks. Especially beneficial for oily skin types. Garlic - an anti septic. Gelatins - rich in protein content. Soluble in hot water, it is used as a conditioner for hair, improves condition of nails and hair when taken internally. Geranium - a plant of order Geraniaceae, it has antiseptic properties. Glycerin - colorless, odourless thick liquid An occlude
of moisture. It softens hands and feet and used in the preparation of creams.
Grapes - ‘the queen of fruits’ when consumed internally cleanses the body. Externally, it has whitening properties. Gum Resin - used as a stabilizing and firming agent in creams.
Gooseberry - refer ‘amla’ Henna - Egyptian privet. It is used as a hair dye and has hair cond
itioning properties. Hibiscus or Hibiscus Rosa Simensis is a genus of mallows. Extremely beneficial for hair growth. The leaves are crushed and used to wash hair. Promotes hair growth
and does not strip hair of natural oils. Hollyhocks - an excellent ingredient used in skin tonics.
Honey - is a versatile beauty ingredient. It can be used in ‘pre bed’ bath water to induce sleep. It is useful in preparing face masks, anti sun burn lotion, cuticle creams and
conditioning creams. Possesses softening, moisturizing, nourishing and healing effects.
Indigo or Indigo era Tincture - Extracted juice of indigo leaves combined with gingerly oil makes a rich hair oil which promotes the growth of back hair. Jasmine - a climbing plant with white flowers and a lovely fragrance. Kaolin - a clay with drawing and cleansing properties. It
is used for thickening face mask mixtures. Kelp - claimed ash of certain seaweed. It is used as a
source of iodine and is ideal for oily or problem skin types. Kohl - powdered antimony or lead shipside in a pencil form. It is used to darken brows and define the rim of the eyes.

Lanolin - an oily substance. Has softening and moisturizing effects.  Lavender - aromatic plant of mint family - used as a herb for baths and in the preparation of shampoos. It has toning and refreshing properties. Lecithin powder - Powdered soybean or egg yolk are good sources of lecithin. Lemon - rich in vitamin C, makes a good morning drink that improves complexion, condition of hair, nails and eyes. It has whitening and astringent qualities. Used in anti sun burn lotions, hair rinses, face masks and creams. Lettuce - rich in vitamin E. It not only frills your salad, it has high mineral and vitamin content. Provides an tranquilizing effect when infused. It also reduces the degree of sun burn. Marigold - a plant with yellow or orange flowers. Its leaves have antiseptic qualities. Milk - is beneficial for healthy skin, hair, teeth, bones and nails. Provides the body nourishment it requires. Used externally, it has nourishing, cleansing and softening properties. Used in masks and skin tonic. Mineral water - freshens your face. When chilled and used, it also provides a ‘neutral’ base for the application of foundation. Mint - excellent in curbing occurrence of acne and pimples. Erases spots and blemishes from skin. Has a fragrance with healing and refreshing qualities. Mint decoction is used as a gargle for ulcers in your mouth. Musk - fragrance. Mooing - used in scrubs, to slough off dead cells, leaving
skin smoother.
Nettle - a commonly found weed. It has fine, stinging hair with an acrid and caustic fluid. When boiled, it loses its stinging capacity. Nutmeg or Myristica Fragrant - used as face wash to maintain young looking skin, Oatmeal - cereal from oats. Beneficial in face masks, scrubs, body packs and dries shampoos. It has cleansing, nourishing and softening qualities, Oleic acid - emulsifier’ it is also used to bind together separating creams. Olive oil - used in rich creams, makes good hair oil, and used to soften hands and feet. Onion - has antiseptic effects and used in anti-wrinkle creams and also good for insomnia. Oranges - a vast source of vitamin C, also has vitamin B and calcium. It improves skin tone. Flower - used in rich nourishing creams Peel - dried and powdered, it is used as complexion scrubs. Papaya - rich in vitamin A,B,C and D; has medicinal properties. Improves complexion and has rejuvenating effects. Parsley - ‘a garden herb’. Prevents Dandruff and is used as an after-shampoo rinse. Peach - good fruit for health. Externally can be used to improve skin condition. Peanut oil - ‘vegetable oil’ often used in creams. Peppermint - pungent plant that yields a volatile oil! Essence that is often used for flavoring.

Petroleum jelly - used on feet, softens and moisturizes them. Pimpernel - annual plant of the primrose family, Pineapple - rich in vitamin - boosts healthy skin, hair, nails and eyes. Used in face masks, cuticle creams. It has exfoliating and rejuvenating features. Potato - edible tuber. It clears blemishes, reduces puffiness relieves fatigue in eyes. It has a tightening effect. Radish - ‘annual herb’ with edible root. Its juice curbs the formation of whiteheads and blackheads
Rose - genus Rosa of plant family rosaceous has flowers in red, yellow, white. Imparts a lovely Fragrance. Rosemary - fragrant ever green shrub used in hair rinses. It has coloring and controlling effects. Reeta or sapindus eniarginatus - is a natural soap with foaming qualities used to cleanse scalp and hair. Sage - of the ‘mint’ family is a dwarf scrub. It has flavoring agents and has healing and darkening properties. It is used in hair oils and shampoos. Stimulates the scalp. Salt - sodium chloride or common salt reduces puffiness in eyes. Soothes and relieves tired feet.
Sandalwood —fragrant wood of tantalum— whitens, heals and smoothens skin. It is used in creams as a protective base. • Strawberry- plant of genus Friaries has a high content of
ascorbic acid and is necessary for healthy skin, nails, and eyes. It has toning and softening qualities and is used in face masks.
Sugar - crystalline sweet granules obtained from cane sugar, maple etc., it forms a slight abrasive. It is used to cleanse facial skin and dislodge impurities ingrained under nails. Sunflower oil - oil extracted from the crushed seeds of round yellow flowers. Tarragon - Perennial herb with aromatic leaves. Tea - chilled tea bags relieves tired eyes. Infusion of tea is used as an after shampoo rinse. It adds shine to the hair. Thyme - flowering shrub with aromatic leaves. Used in skin tonics and has an astringent effect. Tomato - rich in vitamins. It has tightening properties and thus used as a pore shirker. It is soothing and is used. in sun burn remedies. Turmeric - an East Indian plant. with medicinal properties. Cures cracks on feet and is an excellent skin whitener. Vaseline - used as a protective base on cracked lips. Also used to tidy straggling eye brow hairs. Vinegar - puts a shine onto hair when used as an after shampoo rinse. Vitamin - indispensable to health and beauty. Present in various food stuffs. Wheat germ - edible portion derived from corn grass. it is highly nutritious, Witch-hazel - in its distilled form, it is used as an astringent. It is refreshing and stimulating. Used in anti- wrinkle lotions and nourishing cream. Yoghurt - made from fermented milk. It promotes healthy skin, hands, nails, eves and teeth. Used in face masks and good for oily and blemished skin. Adds body and softens hair. Has bleaching effects and soothes skin.

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