Facial Massage

At least once a week, a deep cleansing routine is a must for a clear complexion. Cleanse your face using a cleanser. Apply massage oil or cold cream and follow this with a facial massage.

Relaxing Facial massage

Facial massage revives and conditions your skin. It helps to raise your skin’s temperature, thereby, improving the blood circulation. A facial massage also soothes and eases away tensions present in the facial muscles. A massage is necessary for all skin types. As you grow older gracefully, massage takes a prominent role. Massage done with the right techniques, helps to tone and firm up sagging muscles. Use a hair band to tie up your hair neatly, away from your face. Apply a good cream liberally all over face and neck. Facial massage always begins at the base of your throat. Move towards the chin using fingers of one hand followed in quick succession with the fingers of the other hand. Using the first and second finger, tap all over face and neck. Press thumbs under the middle of the chin line and gently stroke outward, towards the end of the jaw line. Push your chin gently upwards using both hands. Move upwards on either side of your mouth and work your way towards your ear lobes. Massage your nose with small, upward movements on either side of the nose. Now move towards the centre of eyebrows and move around the eye using a circular movement. Move vertically from brows to hairline. Massage temples with slight pressure using small circular movements. Repeat this movement 4 times each. Allot extra time for problem areas like a lined forehead.

Steam facial massage

Steaming dilates the pores. Steam penetrates and deep cleanses the pores, bringing to the surface all the hidden grease and dirt. Steaming brings out a lovely glow on your face instantly, an effective treatment for a fresh shine on face. Skip the weekly steaming process, if you have a dry, sensitive skin. • Use the steam electric unit for steaming. Alternatively, you may use a basin filled with steaming hot water.
• You may like to add herbs or flowers to the hot water. Steep herbs/flowers in hot water for five minutes. However, if you have a lot of blackheads, throw in a few crystals of camphor BP instead of herbs.
• Bend over basin.
• Cover your head with a towel to trap the steam inside.
• Close your eyes and hold your head as close to the steam as you can without any discomfort.
•Breathe in the vapors. The aroma of the herbs will stimulate a soothing, relaxed feeling.
• Allow the vapors to streak down your face.
• Once your pores are dilated with the steaming process, wipe the face with a tissue or a damp cotton wool.
• Remove blackheads by gently pressing it, using a blackhead remover and sterilized cotton wool.
• You may apply a face mask now.
• Splash with warm water and follow it with icy cold water.

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