Eye make up

Eye makeup is very important issue of beauty. Eye make-up is meant to give shape to your eyes, enhance and glamorize the overall effect. You can lend depth, intensity and expression through clever, ingenious use of eye make-up. Eye liners, shadows, mascaras in different lines can emphasize and create a new shape to give your eyes an enigmatic look. Find the shade that suits you by experimenting with different colors of shadows. Begin creating vibrant eyes by applying extremely light foundation and dusting translucent powder on eye lids. Use a soft eye pencil. Start one third of the way along the upper and lower lids as close to the eyelashes as possible. After which, you can use a cotton bud on a small brush to blind the line across. The winged effect is no longer in vogue now. The ‘inching’ is to highlight the line by using a high shadow above the line. Liner is used to delineate or extend the shape. Eye pencil is the most versatile accessory, of all make-up cosmetics. Make it a point to use it because it shapes and defines the eye, lines the lids and shades the socket shape. Use a soft, smooth pencil. For eye make-up, always use a shadow tone and not a distinct color. Discover colors that enhance your eyes. If you are a brown or black eyed beauty, choose the most vivid and bright colors for a vibrant look. Brown or dark complexioned women look good with a bright eye shadow, black eyeliner and mascara. Sharpen your eye pencil as blunt or broken points can spoil the entire make-up. To thicken eyebrows, dust a little powder and use the eyebrow pencil lightly and brush the eyebrow upwards and outwards.


Khol is used to outline the inside rim of your eyes for that truly, dreamy effect. Dark colored khol bring out the best in your eyes.

Eye pencil

Eye pencils are available in black, blue, and gray and brown. Eye liners are used to highlight the shape of the eyes.


Concealers are an unique contribution to the art of makeup. They mask dark circles under eyes, blemishes and spots on face.


Mascara lends eye lashes thickness arid length. Mascara is available in liquid or cake form. Mascara comes along with its own applicator.

Eye shadow

With the use of eye shadow, coloring and shaping eye socket area is yours. Eye shadows are available in cream or powder form.

Eye shadow brush

A good eye shadow brush is an angled one which effectively helps to apply eye shadow on eyelids and into eye socket area.

Face powder

Translucent, Block and Loose powder are used to set foundation.

Powder puff and cotton pads

Both powder puff and cotton pads may be used to dust loose powder on to face. Puffs or pads must be kept clean always. Sponges are of different types. You have the natural or synthetic sponges as well as wedges. Natural or synthetic sponge has to be moistened before use. Wedge or latex rubber triangle is used without moistening. It provides the beginner an easy hassle-free application of foundation.

Cotton buds

Cotton buds are not confined only to the task of cleaning your ears. Cotton buds also help to pick up slight make-up droppings like mascara on cheeks. Press the cotton bud on to the make-up dropping, swivel a bit and off it comes.


Wet tissues are sometimes perfumed and can be utilized to freshen up during the day. Dry tissues absorb excess oil from face and blots lips after application of lipstick.

Application of eye liner

Eyeliners emphasize the natural color of eyes, whilst shaping and defining beautiful eyes. Eyeliners come in cake and liquid form. Liquid eyeliners are more convenient and less messy. Use the applicator provided and work from the centre of eye to the outside corner. The line must be light and even. Either you may continue the line and sweep it up and outward or blend lightly the tip of the line with a cotton bud or eyebrow brush to soften the line. Eye liner pencil may also be used. Sharpen the eye liner pencil and refrigerate for twenty minutes. Allow to return to normal temperature before using on eyes.

Lengthening lashes

Mascara helps to reinforce the length and thickness of your lash. It also enhances the look of your eyes. The latest brands come in a liquid form with a roll on applicator. In certain brands, curved spiral applicators are provided for easy application. Apply a flick of mascara, if using, with your minimal make-up base as you would do in summer or when natural light is warmer. • Coat the upper as well as lower lashes, starting at the roots and working towards the tips. If you want the eye lashes thick give them two coats. After the first application, allow enough time to dry. Before the second application, a fine dusting of powder is necessary. Coat with mascara again, to make the eye lashes look thicker. After the second coat is dry, brush well in the direction lashes grow with clean mascaras brush to separate lashes. If you happen to use water-proof mascara, use the special remover at night. Mascara makes lashes look lustrous. Use of eyelash curlers Eyelash curlers are used to give a curl to the eyelashes. Use eyelash curlers gently, pressing the ends lightly together to give them an outward curl. If the lashes are long, first curl close to the roots and then the tips of the lashes. Curling must be gently done without squeezing.

Playing up eyes

• Small eyes:

Apply a light eye shadow on the eyelid. Use a touch of highlighter over brow bone. Blend in a darker shadow towards the outer corner of the eye. Drag shadow up nearer to the brow bone.

• Close-set eyes:

Use a highlighter from tear duct to brow. Shadow, from base to brow with a dark shade allowing it to branch outwards behind the outer edge of eyes. Tweeze away extra hair between brows.

• Wide-set eyes

Begin shading with a dark shadow from between the bridge of nose and the beginning of your eyes. Fill in eye brows using a pencil near the under middle of eyebrow, so that it creates an illusion of being nearer to your eyes.

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