The cosmetic recipes that are cited in this book take care of all your beauty aid requirements. You will notice that natural substances have been given primary importance over commercially manufactured cosmetics that use chemical based ingredients.  For ages, women have been using natural ingredients to enhance and preserve their beauty. Then, beauty started rolling out of tubes. But, the herbal magic is around again. So effective and amazingly gentle is herbal aids, that it prompted cosmetic companies to throw herbal basics into their formulae. Nothing can replace your own herbal concoctions. Concocting your own herbal cosmetic aids in extracting the maximum benefits from natural ingredients in their natural form. Each extract has beneficial properties for the beauty of your skin and hair. You can lift your beauty treatments just off your kitchen shelf or garden. This enables you to utilize natural ingredients within your reach. These simple magical beauty preparations also help to save your shekels. While preparing your own cosmetics do try and adhere to the quantities mentioned against each ingredient. Any variation will produce a different result. Make only the quantity required for your immediate use. These recipes will not retain their freshness indefinitely, as they, do not contain any preservatives.

A few pointers that will go a long way, in assisting you to master the simple art of cosmetic making. Make sure your hands are scrupulously clean while concocting any beauty preparation.

• As far as possible, avoid the usage of metallic based utensils while preparing cosmetics. Enamel or Pyrex bowls are a safe bet.
• Wooden spatulas are recommended.
• Do not use direct flame to heat oils and waxes. Employ the double boiling method to melt oils and waxes.
• Mix ingredients well while preparing creams. Always beat until the mixture is cool.
• Do not use perfumes in beauty preparations unless absolutely necessary. Certain skin types do not respond favorably to perfumes.
• Ideally, make what yogi require for immediate use. If you have a wee bit more, store it in the refrigerator and use it
• Avoid large-scale production of recipes.
• Avoid the usage of preservatives.
However, if you insist on a longer shelf life for your cosmetics.
Use Nipagin-M. Seven to eight drops of Nipagin-M may be stirred into the water contents of your beauty recipe, while heating.
• Use clean glass jars to store preparation.
• Butter paper may be used on the mouth of the jar before screwing on the cover.
• Record the ingredients and the date of purchase in your beauty diary
• Review and dump all old stock of ingredients.
• Label jars with the name of the preparation and the date you concocted it.

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