Blusher accentuates the structure of your cheek bones in addition to adding a little warmth, color and tone. It gives your face a healthy, rosy blush. Every one benefits by the use of a little blusher.

Blushing with Blushers

Blusher is best applied with a high lighter or blusher brush. Using the blusher brush enables you to effectively color your cheek bones. Begin with circular motions and then sweep across the cheek bone and blend towards the hair line. If you are using a powder blusher, shake off excess and then apply using light strokes. When you have finished, the Barest hint is enough. If the blusher is too bright due to oversight, you can tone it by dusting a little translucent powder and brushing off the excess.

• Use a very light hand, while applying a cream blusher, other wise, there wills he creases and lines.
• Blusher (cream or powder) must be applied only after powdering your face.
• Blusher must blend right out to your temples and not beyond that.
• Use a round, stubby brush for applying blush.
• A wedge can be used to take off excess blusher off your cheeks.
• If the blusher has been perfectly applied, you will not notice where it begins or ends.

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