Bangladeshi Actress Purnima

Bangladeshi actress Purnima when first come in Dhallywood she studies classes eight. Bd actress Purnima recently she complete her twelve years in Bangladeshi film industry. Beside big screen she also performance in TV screen. Purnima first movie "A Jeebon Tomar Amar" release in 998. Purnima is already acting more that fifty movies. Purnima says my acting movie number is fewer but I am happy for my excellent quality movie. Most of the time her performing timing was good but some time her time was bad. Purnima's acting Moner Maje Tumi Purnima acting box office hit movie. Then Redoyer Kotha, Akash Chowa Valovasa performing movie like viewers very much. She also perform Bangladesh liberation war related movie Magher Por Megh director by Bangladesh famous director Chasi Nazrul Islam. Beside her acting bangle noble related story Suva, Sasti. Purnima has marriage three years. After marriage her first movie releases Akash Chowa Valovasa. Beside cinema banner she also plays television drama. Every year she will be acting TV drama and modeling. Purnima Bangladeshi actress says I acting television drama for my hobby. If I get good story I like TV drama. Her big TV serial Lal Nil Beguni. But my first priority is movie. Some one say Purnima is sweet celebrity in Bangladeshi film like as Kobori. Purnima Bd actress has beautiful smile and sweet lovely face everybody like. Purnima say with smile that I like discipline life and want to be evergreen actress like as Bollywood actress. Purnima perform with more than twelve actors and she is successful actress for all actors. At present Emon and Nirob is also acting with Purnima. Purnima say Bangladesh need cinema location for good quality movie. She also says about her future acting that her root is cinema acting. I want acting more and more. After that if I get character like ever green actress Sabana I will do it. I will request government to give more scope for cinema place. Cinema hall need better place our country rich man can invest money cinema like Moner Maje Tumi, Redoyer Kotha etc. Recently 2010 Purnima is agreement more than ten movies. Such as: Mon Sudu Mon Chayasa by director Shohanur Rahman, Matir Thikana by director Shaha Alom Keron etc. Purnima's acting some movie waiting for release such as: Goriber dam onek bashi, Astro chara kolom dhoro, Raja surja kha, George barrister police commissioner, I love you etc. Bd model Purnima model work is a television advertisement. This model product name is my one TV and my one freeze.

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  1. What are the name of parents of Purnima the Bangladeshi actress and where she is actual from

  2. hi purnima like to you&i love you.

  3. Dear viewer,

    At first peace be upon you & family. Our heroine is Purnima-very nice acting & rule-talk, Specially : Megher Pore Meghe. I love this film. I always prayer your happens life & day by day , you are go ahead.... our country & with good film. Thanks. Shohel Rana

  4. i really like the movie akssh chua valobasha!