Bangladeshi Actress Popy

Film celebrity Bangladeshi actress Popy is very fashionable in Bangladeshi films as well as cute actress in Bangladesh. Bd actress Popy is very familiar in Bangladesh film industry form last ten years. She performs lot of films in Bangladeshi film. Moreover she is modeling too in Bangladesh. From some days Bd actress popi is irregular in film acting. Most time she stays in her living room. Some times she goes out side for leisure. She also goes outside for shopping. So at present Popy is not busy now for the film performance. Some one say Bangladeshi film has lack of actor. For this lack of actor she can not acting more film. Bangladeshi actress Popi is very serious about her film acting and she selection lot film story script because she is very popular exceptional film celebrity in Bangladesh. However she is coming very soon in cinema. Her fan can be watching her by a new film. Next month her acting new film can be release. Name of the film is 'Garments Konna' in this movie Popy main hero is Emon. The film is director by G Sarkar. Many people are happy for coming popy's new release film. Many public think that Popy can be explore herself by the acting new movie Garments Konna. Popy says about the Garments Konna film that this film story is very interesting. This film story write by the foundation on garments girls work, her unity, problem, straggle scope and her daily life. Popy says many girls are self-development by working in the garments. I believe this film has lot of example that people can be happy after watching this new acting film. This films not only my fan but also can be developing my acting career. How ever Popy also say I love Bangladeshi film industry and my dream is film acting. I devote my life for my film acting before death. I will continue my film acting until my movie audience side me. I will stay beside my audience. Nadim Nafiz film banner make this lady action film by acting Popy. Basically garments girls life leading basis on the lovely film. This film can be release soon all over Bangladesh cinema hall. Popy bd actress is acting lot of bangle film. Her recent release move is 'Oparear Akash' many days Popy has no business success movie. But Popy says film business success can not depend on a heroine it also depend on all movie related people. Her popular film was Dorea parer dowloti, Gonga jatra. Bishwa Batpar Popy role is a victim of Fatwa. Amin Khan, another popular star of Dhallywood has acted with Popy in "Bishwa Batpar" Badal Khan directed the movie where some famous artistes co-starred with Popy. I tried my best to give a different dimension to this role of mine said Popy and she hope that the audience would like her performance. Sami Amar Bahest movie another actress was Bobita and Suchanda. Popy say first I perform with Bobita and Suchanda and I learn many technique from senior Bobita and Suchanda. Popy is also performance Late Rabindranath famous noble Ghore Bairea. Her character was Bimola. Popy say about Bimola character that this kind of character was my dream. On the other hand Indian famous bangle movie star actor is Jeet. Nowadays Popy and Jeet can be performance a movie soon. Movie name not approved yet but Popy say I read the film story and I like this story.

Bangladeshi Model Popy

Recent Bangladeshi model Popy is agreement with a coconut oil TV advertisement. She is already agreement with new TV advertisement work. Next moth her shooting starts for the TV advertisement. Popy say I do not work TV advertisement model frequently. However these TV advertisements I have some reason. This oil product TV advertisement is director by a famous person from Kolkata, India. Popy says this TV advertisement theme song is really nice. Moreover her hand has three movies now. Those move shooting start next month.


Bangladeshi actress Popy receive Bangladesh film National award 2008 for the movie Chandra Grahan

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